Friday, January 23, 2009


Sounds boring huh?? Not really since I was going through my thread stash. I felt sure that I could get more in each container if I was neater about how they were put away.... makes sense right? Sure enough. Now my big sewing bag is next, then I am going to be really cool and put them in containers w/like fibers! Gotta love it when you have enough time on your hands to do silly time wasting things like this!!

Meet the girls: the fake one was a gift from my daughter who thought I was missing my kitties while in the hospital, Miss Sophie is beside her. They were all three sleeping in a row together, but when I went for the camera Max had to get up and see what I was doing! Never fall asleep in the hospital w/a cat like this on your chest, it will scare the crap out of you, ask how I know!! I did get a pink shawl off the knitting needles today when I cleaned the knitting basket out, now if I could just find those darn needles to sew in my yarn tails.

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