Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hit the Jackpot

Today I had time by myself to waste, what a change that was. I found a decorating fabric store that had a basket of fabric pieces for $0.50 each!! Fairly large pieces and I got a dozen I liked. Then across the street I went into a Needlers Nest (?) that had beautiful yarn, lovely threads etc. I got some gorgeous recycled silk yarn !! I can't wait to get home to start a shawl out of it for me. My resolution for the new year is to get into the UFO drawer and finish some of the projects I started and didn't complete. I have a Halloween witch that needs her head, 2 bears to put together, some purses to line and sew. That should keep me busy for a couple weeks. Missing my home and kitties.
Adrial is no better today, continue good thoughts his way, thanks. Have a great weekend.

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