Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Quilts at AZ Quild Show

A great day for Crazy quilters!!
AZ Quilt Guild held their quilt show, 2009 and the winner of the show: CQ!!!! The red one is called Gypsy by Geri Hruzek and won Best of Show and First Place in CQ. The purple CQ , called Myles Magical Garden by Linda Hopkins,was another one in the show that I just loved! I was so thrilled for these ladies! More CQ were in the show and I will add more pictures. It was a busy and wonderful day. Tomorrow is the small quilt auction and there is a beautiful black and white quilt for sale that is to die for!! We'll have to see how high the bid goes.


  1. I can see why the red quilt won! It is fabulous!!

  2. Thank you for sharing and for allowing a mouse over so we can see a much larger image of the quilts. I like the diamond shape blocks in the red one worked really well and allowed the work to flow from one part of the quilt to another.

    You were fortunate to be there to be able to soak all of this in.

  3. I was hoping someone would post a photo of the winning quilt, thank you! I think I like the purple buggy one just as well as the winner. But they're both awesome and I LOVE the fact that a CQ won the best of show!


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