Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Art Quilt

I finally had got the doily tea dyed and dry to apply it and the rest of the goodies to the art quilt so here it is. Hope it will inspire you, these are so easy to make. I think it maybe about 12" x 18". The quilt back is black felt, then a layer of quilt batting, the next layer is a off white piece of fabric, layered w/vintage cottons, button, photo transfers, doily, ribbon and held together w/hand stitches. Not everyone used hand work but I enjoy it although the fingers are alittle sore from all the pushing and pulling to get through the layers. Of course I had many layers, we can't just have one or two!! This is Little Audrey, photo transfer is of my mom. Things are hectic here, DH has gone to Tucson to the VA Low Vision Center for 4-8 weeks, he sounds like a child at summer camp, home sick. I am getting ready for a week in Ohio w/the DD and the grands. Trying to clean, pack, do laundry and find a little time to create!!


  1. way to go!!! love the photos in the art. sweet gentle colors too... sewing is soooo relaxing I never get to do it enough.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! work is really lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I am happy to discover yours.


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