Saturday, May 30, 2009

Creative Week

This past week I have taken 2 classes w/Quinn McDonald, one a day long class and the other a two hr class both on journaling!! Great fun! I learned alot about myself and what I can do. Thurs night at the class Roz taught us how to dye using shaving cream! It was a blast and I can't wait to buy some so I can give it a try, the amazing thing is that it works on both paper and fiber!! Check it out at Today I am off to take a second teddy bear making class at Bernina Connection w/Diane. Today the bears will be made out of mohair, my last bear was of velveteen, so this will be a challenge. Will share pictures soon. Yesterday I had to break down and buy glasses, it took a week for me to wrap my little mind around it. I had lasik surgery some 10 yrs ago and have enjoyed being without classes for the first time since I was in grade school. Age has caught up with me, so the bright spot is maybe it will be easier to be creative with them.... LOL Wish I new what this is called, part of the palm tree that falls when it is windy and I am always wondering how I can use it in my art. I am planning to use this picture as a jumping off spot for my Organic Embroidery class. I would really like to use the actual piece in something.....


  1. Oh I want to hear more about the mohair bear class!!!julie

  2. Karen, I've always wanted to use those palm tree pieces too, let me know what you figure out. Can't wait to see pics of your bears!


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