Monday, July 6, 2009

Birds and crazy quilting

I have two things for ya today one is two birds that are real simple but I like them. Birds are my "thing" right now. I need to try to make some more and I want to cut up and applique the bird fabric from Sat at the Goodwill! Maybe tonight! Here is Lacy's green crazy quilt wall hanging. It is more green than yellow as it appears here. I have done plenty of embroidery here since she does not like lace and flowers. I still need to add a spider web and some buttons. My next big project is a CQ wall hanging for dgd Faith in lavenders. Should be fun and a nice break after the green. I am piecing a block for the Crazy Quilt 4 Newbies list. It is a summer block for the season RR. It of course will be pink, I am thinking about something way out there for fall. Totally new for me, maybe purple and golds. Time will tell.

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  1. I love birds also and anything to do with them, eggs, nest, feathers, and wings. You sound very busy with all your quilting.


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