Friday, August 21, 2009

A gift!!

Today's mail brought a beautiful gift of fibers from Joanne in NC!! I can't wait to work on DGD's crazzy quilts and use them!! I will be making 2 of them. One will be in greens, light soft colors (including the most beautiful green print of a dark haired baby sleeping that looks just like DGD) for Bella. The other one will be in shades of lavender for Faith. These will both be wall quilts for their bedrooms. Hoping they will have them until they are adults, so they have something I made! Thanks again Joanne so much for being such a sweet CQ friend!!


  1. from NC, woohoo..........thanks so much for all your stops and commenting on my blog, I can't reply back to your comments as your a no-reply. that was a great idea, you said made a tote out of those napkins. I never even thought of that. thanks again. now i'm following you. gotta see what you been up to.

  2. All those ribbons and yarns will look great on your wall quilts. Can't wait to see pictures of them.


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