Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work on my autumn block

I have started to work on my autumn block for CQ4N list. I love the colors and fabric that I picked out before I left AZ. I have worked 2 seams, one is almost done, the other complete. I have tried to use multiple stitches on one seam and although it is far from perfect it has turned out pretty well. I have alot more that I would like to do on it. DD and I have spent alot of time cleaning up the front yard and cleaning out boxes here at her house. I have included a picture of our new home, isn't it pretty??


  1. Love that bird Miss K. Great embroidery!

  2. I love your new house. If it doesn't have a picket fence it certainly needs one!

  3. Very nice stitching. Love the bird! Sharon


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