Friday, September 25, 2009

Beach Birthday

DD Lacy and spent last weekendd celebrating my birthday at the beach. The sunrise I caught on the beach Sun. and the other two pictures were later in the day. Who knew that the sunrise could be such fabulous colors? Sounds as if I never saw one before but of course I haven't. I guess I am learning to appreciate the color and texture in nature that I never saw before. We did have a great time.I guess I am a beach girl at heart, why did I ever think I wanted to live in the desert?? Silly me!! Love the sights, the sounds, the smells of the water. Haven't gotten much stitching done but will share some really soon. I am working on an alien block for Suzy in UK from CQ4N and a stitch callenge on Stitchmap. Things are hectic with DD getting ready for a trip to Eygpt! Hoping she brings her mama some fabric back!! LOL


  1. Happy belated birthday and what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. I will be spending my 50th birthday morning at the beach too!

  2. Happy belated birthdy! Beautiful photo of the sunrise. Sharon

  3. Happy late birthday, what a gorgeous photo of the sunrise. What a way to spend your special day.


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