Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few new goodies

We are safely home from OH and I have to share few of the goodies that I got while there. I love to go to Lene's Web (yes the sign has a spider's web on it)!! It is a great barn with all kinds of goodies packed in it!! A warm and generous woman named Marlene Webb owns it and it has been a favorite haunt of mine for many years. One of those places that I always go to when I get to OH. I found many wonderful things: old books, sheet music, Ideals magazines, old pictures, hankies w/tatting, rayon seam binding, floss, lace (most is vintage but not all) some fabric (on piece is silk), plus the tiniest bottles!!! Such fun!! I also hit JoAnn's Labor Day sale and picked up some things I was wanting.I got some rattail (?) cording to try on my fall CQ block, one is dk brown and the other an antique gold. We had such fun while we were there but must be getting old as we are so tired and grateful to be home. I will share more photos tomorrow!!


  1. Love the little bottles -- so great for holding beads or sequins or other goodies.

  2. Are you originally from Ohio Karen? If so what part...would be too funny if we lived in the same area growing up. Probably not likely though. I love that Shipshewana!! Can't get enough. We used to go every year as well, but not so much the past few years.

  3. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I just had to come over and peek at yours and WOW! You certainly have a way of finding some awesome treasures! You've inspired me to go out to some of the surrounding antiuque shops where I live to see what I can find.


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