Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OH Happy Day!!

After a really horrible day I arrived home to open the mail box and there was the give away from Lee's blog!!! I was so excited. Thanks Lee it made me smile and stop muttering under my breath.......LOL Such fun and beautiful things. I feel like I am at home (finally with all of my goodies like this in AZ), I now have something I love here!! Also had to let you see the frog/toad that I saw outside last night and had to take a picture of!!


  1. Just thinking about you and hope you are doing well in the south I know you miss Az but it is still pretty hot here. But I guess it might be hot and "Muggy" their too Hugs Julie

  2. What a wonderful package to get in the mail. There is nothing like a surprise package to make a bad day feel good.

  3. What a great package. I bet you can be very creative with all the goodies.Ahhhh the lace... Thanks for visiting. Sharon

  4. What a nice package that arrived at just the right time when you needed it most!!


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