Saturday, November 7, 2009

I am having withdrawal!

Can you imagine: no TV or internet (except while at Barnes and Noble) for the past 10 days? If this really bothers me does that mean I am addicted? What did I do before I had internet or TV? As a kid I played outside, worked in the barn or garden or had fun in the snow! Sounds scarey to me now! LOL

I am still in AZ and have acomplished alot. I have a great friend Julie who came to my rescue. She spent 3 unending days with me, we are talking 12 hr days here! She helped to keep me on task (a big feat in itself), got the condo organized and helped me run a sale for 2 days. We made a wonderful profit for our hard work and got rid of many of the things I have been collecting that I can't move with me. I would still be buried in a corner if it were not for her. THANKS JULIE!!!

Now I am packing the sewing room up. The movers will be here on Tues morning and Thank God I will be heading home on Wed. I miss my family !! I am so glad to have most of this job behind me and can look to the future. I am unsure what it holds for me at the moment but it seems nice to be looking ahead with hope instead of dread.
Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me the past couple months. Here is to cherrier posts in the near future!!

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  1. Good for you Karen, almost there! Were you able to get good sleep at night like you thought maybe you might? Be craeful on your way back, have a safe journey.


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