Friday, December 18, 2009

Thrift Store finds and Craft Gossip ideas

Thursday was a day out for DH from his stay at the rehab hospital where he has been for the past week. He is doing physical therapy and trying to build up his strength so he can come home. He had an appointment with the VA and wanted a haircut while we were out, lucky me it is right in front of the Goodwill!! It was dollar day. I got a beautiful cream top made out of gorgeous fabric that will be great for CQ plus, it had great lace and cute little buttons. Two large pieces of lace were on the front at the top and the small thin lace trim was around the sleeves and the bottom of the top. Perfect for CQ blocks! Yesterday on the Craft Gossip newsletter I saw these cute bow cuffs and decided to give it a try. The first one is a cream bow with some of the above lace glued on it and a rhinestone pin at the center. I have not decided if this will be a pin or a cuff, mmmmmmmmmmmm....

Here is the second attempt with pink ribbon and a trio of the cream bottons from the above dollar top! I think I already got my dollars worth and have not even cut up the fabric yet!! LOL

Last is a WIP, I am combining both colors of ribbon. I am not very happy with this ribbon as it is not the soft satin that I had hoped for (and thought I was getting) I guess the plastic wrap on it fooled me. This is not as shiny nor as soft and drapey as I had planned. I think it will work much better with a different type of ribbon. I love the idea so plan to continue to perfect this plan and work it out with other ribbon. The goodwill trip had other goodies a white wool blazer that has been felted, new jeans a size smaller (!!!) and a gorgeous silk blouse in irridescent silk, plus two skirts made of linen fabric, one pink and one aqua. Will share pictures when they are cleaned up, right now they are banned to the laundry room and the jacket is in the process of being deconstructed!
On the home front it has rained here since early AM nonstop, one of the tall thin pines in the back yard fell over toward the house, missing the laundry room window pane by an inch when it hit the side of the house. I am so glad I was gone when it happened, I can't imagine the sound when it hit the ground. Of course add this to DD's car needing a $1000 repair to a front wheel and mine getting a full set of new tires........can you say it has been a long day??? Hope yours was wonderful!


  1. I love the blouse with the lace and buttons that you got at Goodwill, don't you love finding a treasure like that? Hope you are staying dry.

  2. Karen - you just won my giveaway! Can you please get in touch with your mailing information and I'll get the magazine out to you? Thanks!

  3. Hi Karen!
    Love what you're doing with these bows ~ especially the one with the rhinestones! It's so pretty.


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