Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Madness!

You may think I am completely confused after reading today's post! Or mad as the title implies! Below you will see two pices that I have shared with you that I got while out thrifting. I am in the middle of painting both white and they are looking pretty good I think. The mirror especially is a big improvement even with the blue tape on it!! LOL Another coat and they will both be done. I think the rocker could use an antique looking decal but not sure DD will go along with that thought. It sits on her front porch for now, so I guess her opinion counts.Here is where the madness comes in. I found these adorable salt and peper shakers at Cracker Barrel when I went in for lunch. I couldn't pass them up at $1.98! They are too cute and a reminder that spring is  (I hope) on it's way. Spring is my favorite time of year and there is pink in there with that bunny!
Finally at Hemericks (a new to me store) I found these cute glass ornaments. Don't know if you can see it but they have some cute tiny glass pieces at the top too. The largest has a snowflake, the middle one has a bird, and the tiny one has a double bead. Gotta love them! The price was too good, 90 cents each. I think they will require a pink ribbon, but I don't think they are just Christmas ornaments in my house! So much for running one season into another! Can't you see DD's face when she comes home Fri from Police Academy to see Christmas and Easter? This is week three, so only 6 more to go at the Academy for her. She is really stressing and working hard so I am praying that it all works out.
 I did get the Minkee fabric throw started this morning before I took DH to dialysis. The colors are so beautiful and the fabric is so soft. I can't wait to tear into it again tomorrow. It will take some time to get all of the blocks cut out and then the sewing will begin. Tomorrow I will share some pictures of this WIP.

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  1. Hi Karen, just catching up on blogs, congrats on your 1 year! Mine went by so fast also, it just didn't seem that long! But I'd be lost without my blog friends now.
    I love the salt and pepper shakers, my sister works in the Cracker Barrel gift shop. What a great place to find the adorable and unusual!


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