Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!!

Another good Thursday morning at GoodWill!! After the wedding dress post I had several offers of bloggers wanting to come shop with me!! I would love it, you are welcome to come to South Carolina anytime. I would check your local Goodwill for Thursday dollar sales first though!! LOL You also must use an open mind and not expect to hit the jackpot everytime. Some days are better than others and as you learn to tell your fabrics by sight or feel it will go quicker for you. Also if you have more than one in your area hit them both. I have found that larger sizes and skirts or dresses provide the most fabric for the money. That does not mean that I leave behind a beautiful piece if it is really worth the money!! LOL Today I took pictures of all the clothing that I hauled home and YES there was a great bargain today!!Let's start with the top right picture: A blaack velvet dress, with the black and rhinetsone buttons you will see in another picture, beige lace, light green satine with embroidery and beading, cream silk/linen shirt. Below that one is: coffee colored satin skirt, lavender floral brocade skirt, tan linen shirt, and a lavender plaid silk shirt.The top left picture is a black and cream, possibly silk top w/gorgeous rhinestone buttons and a cream/lavender silk blouse.
The DeAL  of the DAY is the third picture on the right: A brown and cream satin prom dress!!! Lovely lovely fabric priced $100/paid $1!!!
Below is a terrible picture of the buttons, my camera and I are at odds right now. Couldn't be me!! LOL Hope you enjoy seeing all of my finds. I didn't take pictures yet of the non fabric goodies. I think I will save those for tomorrow. I am so blessed to be home again with hubby at my side! Funny how we take so many things for granted, our health, our home, our bed, and most of all the love of our life!!  Have a great creative day!


  1. Oh Girl...I'm so glad you found me so I could find you! I, too, want to go shopping with you. I also hope your sweet hubbs gets well and soon.

    I've entered you into the drawing for the Sachet. I'm excited to see who wins.

    Blessings to you from "It's getting warmer in Oklahoma"...xoRebecca

  2. I love a good deal and you certainly got some luscious fabrics. I love the buttons! Our goodwills have nice things once in a while, but I don't think I ever got this nice of a haul. Plus, a silk blouse runs anywhere from $3-$5, not $1!


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