Friday, April 23, 2010

My Garden

You all know that I don't really have a garden but I thought I would share with you the few plants that I have out there. I have a rosemary plant sitting in the teacup pot (needing potting soil so I can get this planted in there). On the left the two other plants are lavender. I have never bought lavender before and didn't know there was more than one kind so I bought one of each!! LOL Don't know if they will do ok in a planter or not but I will soon find out. A new planter is on the horizon! Here is the tomato plant, it is looking great and likw I said before there is a small tomato on it and I see new blossoms coming on. Can't wait to have some to eat!! Then we have the sad looking pansies. They have been sitting at DD and have been neglected sadly!! They are blooming but the greenery needs to come back, time and water will do it I am sure. I want a planter to sit in the wicker plant holder to put them in. They will be pretty in there when they are looking better.Lastly is a piece of embroidery that I found while I was washing and putting the linens away. Isn't it the cutest thing?? Thought you would enjoy it.

Have a terrific weekend, hoping the sun shines in your neck of the woods this weekend!


  1. very nice plants- I LOVE rosemary. I have on little spider plant, that's it!! I love to garden, but this year will be spend just trying to see what comes up. That, and dig out the atrocious bamboo that spreads like the plague.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Karen, I see you just moved too, a lot work huh? I have two months to pack up now and will be potting some herbs too, last year we potted hot peppers and basil, also some rosemary and thyme which even survived the winter in our garage. have fun making your little garden :)


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