Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy Quilting Class DONE!!!!

I am so excited to have this class done!!! YIPEE!!! I started this online CQ class with StitchMap the end of Jan.  The other ladies in the class were about half way done with the class when they asked me if I would like to join in even though they were already started.

I was thrilled to be asked. Little did I know what alot of hard work was ahead of me. The two pieces were are finished. The thread rollup (I have been calling it a needle roll have not idea where I got that) is ready to finish up and will be done this evening while watching TV, like there is anything to watch, UGH!!! Just my 2 cents worth , they are cancelling one of my favorite shows: Ghost Whisperer, I am a big Jennifer Love Hewitt  fan, plus several others I like alot. Not sure what they think we are going to watch on Fri night now. It will be as bad as Sat nights I guess, hoping they come up with something interesting before fall.

Will share the thread rollup tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Looking good! I'm so tired of TV-- I just put in a DVD. I haven't made it past the beads. Just no time or when I have time I can't find the thread I was using! UGH!

  2. Hi Karen, thank you for the lovely comment you left for me on my blog! I'm looking forward to seeing what do with my Art Quilt Tutorial. I sure hope you enjoy giving it a try!

    Your CQ work is lovely! I'll be back to read more of your blog later when I have the laptop on!


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