Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did ya ever????

Did ya ever feel like a project had drug on so long/needed so much more work than you planned........................ seems like it has taken over your life??? I have one of those, it is a new problem for me. I usually have inspiration and know when something is finished. This one has become a pain in my backside. I think I HATE it at this point. I could easily walk away and not ever look at it again much less want to finish it.

Maybe my problem has been I let too many other projects get started at the same time. I had been doing so well, just one project at a time until it was completed. Then on to a new one. This was working just great for me and look Ma no UFOs.

Then I agreed to start the CQ class and then I jumped into an RR. Well you might get the picture here, oh let's not forget moving and being a fulltime caregiver. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Guess I need to sit back and get things in order here, prioritize needs to be the word of the day.
Number ONE: finishing my CQ class piece. so I can move on to lesson 7
Number TWO: working on Vickie's block for the RR
Number Three: finishing the doily pillow
Number Four: good question as I have two embroidery pieces going, do I pick the table cloth back up or finish the table runner. Will figure that out when I get there I guess.
Maybe by the end of the week the question will be answered.

The sewing room is progressing. I got THREE new plastic thresss drawer containers, two are full of mixed media goodies. One is still empty. (imagine that)
I have found the floor in the closet again, cut up clothing from the Goodwill that was taking up alot of space, folded and stored all the fabric on shelves and even got some folded and packed into the fat quarter storage units I got from JoAnn's online. They are Marie Osmond ones and I love them. I need to completely fill the first one and start on the second one. They hold 60 fat quarters and havve handles so you can take them with you. Love this idea. I have also emptied ALL the boxes in the sewing room and got them out of there.
Here is Vickie's Block, isn't it beautiful? Beisde it is another embroidery piece I found that is not finished, to be added to the above list (LOL) Next is the embroidery piece that I started on after finding it in my stash. Below that is the needle book and the needle roll, these are the pieces from h***. Last  is the picture of the fat quarter storage I talked about.
Not bad for one month here. I thought it was going to take much longer than this. I am thrilled that I can actually (maybe) go in there and get something done without thinking I need to move things or unpack things.

Hoping you have a blessed week and Don't forget your MOTHERs this week!!!


  1. I think you are doing great and just don't realize how good you are! The embroideries are looking good. You've caught up if not passed me. Love those fat quarter bags. I have bought new containers that I haven't filled yet! And don't even mention the sewing room. What floor??? :)

  2. Well, I think you're being too hard on yourself. At least you have projects started, I have a hard time even getting moving.

    And once you finish something, it's absolutely divine and well worth the wait! :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful week!



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