Monday, July 26, 2010

Dye Day

Saturday I got out dyes and white items to work with. I painted dye onto lace appliques (lousy picture will try for a better one soon. I intend to wash them in a gold dye when they are completed to give them an aged look. I used Ozecraft dyes that I bought mayn years ago and have never really used. They are so easy to used although I don't know if they can be purchased anymore or not. I got them from Austraila I believe. I used the Dusty rose for all the pink that you see, I watered it down to get this color. I dyed white cotton crochet thread, Warm & Natural batting, white wool felt, lace strips, scrim and muslin. I dyed the same things with a teal colored Rit Dye in a powder, that again I had had forever. I also have a piece of white velvet in there that went into the teal bath. The colors really turned out amazing! The teal seemed to affect different fabrics or should I say types of fabric: cotton, poly etc differently. Although the package said it wouldn't work on poly I am sure some of the lace was and it dyed beautifally! I did throw some Sea Salt (Don't ya love that it isin all the stores now and in an easy to use container??) on the teal muslin and it left some beautiful waves on it.
I even threw some white fringe in the pot with the teal. Cool huh??
To use up the last of the dye in the dishes
I threw in white cotton crochet threads, looking good to rmbroider with.
Had a blast, made a mess and it was good for the soul!! Blessings!!

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