Monday, January 10, 2011

Disappearing Act

 Again I have disappeared from my blog, this time I have been under the influence of the "crud"!! I have been sick since last Fri and keep thinking I will feel better. Not so this far.

I did take some time to start the Jan challenge on the
StitchMap group. It is shown at right. It will be a brooch when it is done and I can't wait to finish it up. I want to make a few more to experiment and play some more.

I have also included the sage green 30 minute shrug and hopefully a better shot of the rust colored one.

I am loving how my African Violet is looking. It is one of two that I picked up on clearance at Walmart. The other one looks great too but refuses to bloom. Neither had blossoms when I got them and I would love to know what color this other one is. Darn thing!!

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  1. Hi Karen, are you OK? It seems ages since I heard from you. I'd really like to know how things are going. Thinking of you and family, Blessings luv Lesley


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