Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sketch Book Challenge

 Another something new for the year. I am going to  try to work on a sketch book. I found the blog for the Sketchbook challenge and decided to follow along. I would love to draw/sketch. I try but do not do very well. I was discouraged as a child as I attempted to draw, so I put down my pencil and decided I couldn't draw and haven't since.

The challenge began today and the theme for January is::  HIGHLY PRIZED.  At first I was blank. What could this possibly mean to me. I guess I expected to have some kind of lightening bolt flash idea when I read the theme!! LOL What a joke. Then I read on and looked at the author's sketch and then the bolt struck!!!

Lots of things in my life are highly prized but I was trying to stay focused on my art/sewing. So the answer was easy for me: buttons, lace!! Not of course easy to draw and I may never share my "sketches" with anyone but myself. I couldn't wait to get the theme and was so excited to be able to work with it today. I have all month to work with other ideas and make other sketches. I am thinking I will work on a mixed media page as well as my pencil/paper page. Who knows maybe other pages waiting to get out!!

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