Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mail Fun and Lots of PINK!!

 The mail and UPS has been such sweet fun this week!! I have always wanted twine in pink and white and finally broke down and got a roll!! The picture is not perfect but it is such a sweet sweet color, can't wait to use it!!
Then a box arrived from JoAnn for our Feb swap on the Cottage yahoo group. Remember the pink chenille hearts I made for her. I took a picture of all the goodies she sent me!! WOW!! Thanks JoAnn for being so generous, love all of it.

 A trip to Micheal's came up with lots of spring (pink) colored things. I got a couple St Patrick's Day things to work with the two glass pieces from Saver's that I picked up on Tues (Senior Day!! LOL)
The rest was all spring/pink things as you can see. I even found spring colored socks, that couldn't be beat at 50 cents a pair!! Love the cute bird and the magnets etc. I got some other great things but will wait for another day to share them. I am sneaking them in slowly so no one will figure out I went on a shopping spree!!


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