Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where is the Tooth Fairy??

I am back. It has been a long time again. Life here
has really been rough but I am kicking my own butt and trying to get on with things I love.

Today I finished two Tooth Fairy Pillows. The top one is lavender with ballerina slippers fabric and I added a pocket with her initial and a butterfly.  B for Bella, of course short for Isabella. I hope she will love it. She is not ready to have teeth falling out but her 6th birthday is coming up so I decided to get it done.

While working on big sister's I decided that grandson Adriel needed a pillow as well. He is only 4 and we just bought him his first big bed (twin) this week so he will have to wait awhile but it will be done for the future. He is a little monkey so this is perfect for him and he loves orange.

Having moved hubby into a nursing home yesterday I am trying to start a new life with huge changes. I am hoping that in a few weeks this will all get easier. Please keep our family in your thoughts/prayers. Thank you!


  1. I am thinking of you at this time, and sending prayers for your family. Blessings and hugs

  2. Karen, thinking of you and your DH at this horrible time. Blessings Sweet Friend. luv Lesley


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