Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crafting is Such FUN

 Crafting has really kept me going lately!! It is amazing to me how many different things I like to do: crafting, decorating, knitting, sewing, fabric dyeing and painting, felting, collecting (LOL) So today I want to share a few of the new things I have been making. On the right are candle holders made from rounded clear glass candle holders from the dollar store and rose petals. So easy and cute!!
 This wreath is made with a grapevine heart shaped wreath wrapped in aqua tulle. I added shells and pearls to it to give it a beachy look.
 These plain white candles are wrapped to add alittle fun. The one on the right (I know hard to see) is wrapped with pink ribbon and topped with a bird. The one on the left is wrapped in vintage lace, pearls were added plus a pink bow and a shell on top.
Hubby's birthday was June 25 and I wanted something to celebrate his birthday and to make him smile. I wrapped the wreath in Christmas tinsel and added balloon bunches and Happy Birthday signs. I hung it on his closet door where he can see it from his bed.

 A little bit of my fun lately. Hope you enjoyed seeing it!!


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