Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been Really Busy!!!

 Things have been really hectic here as I cleaned out Mom's apartment, had a sale and then moved some furniture into storage so we could get on with our new lives together.

I have found some time for creativity (YES!!!) so I thought I would share some of it with you. Here are the new to me kitchen chairs and their green cushions. I decided I couldn't take them so they became the pink rose covers with ribbon ties that you see below. I have hand sewed shelve liner on the bottoms to try to keep them from sliding on the chairs, it seems to be working!!!

Below are three beautiful gifts that arrived in the mail this week from friends on the CQ 4Newbies yahoo list I belong too. The needle case is from Lori and I love the bright colors!!
The CQ block is from Alice in the LooneyBin!! Love ya girl!!
Then sweet Marianne in NJ sent this bag full of pink gorgeous goodies and a beautiful hand made card!!

Another fun thing I have worked on tonight is YoYos made from lace. Such fun! I love how they turned out, some are pink lace and some are white. I saw this cute idea in Pat Winter's CQ mag, why I wonder did I not think of this myself?? DUH!! Mom asks what I am going to do with them, good question~~ Save them for the perfect project I guess.


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