Sunday, February 5, 2012

StitchMap Challenge

 This month the StitchMap yahoo group had a challenge. It was to make a traveler's sewing bag with items made for inside.

 We were to start with a UFO that we had. I used a beautiful pink block that I received last summer when my DH passed away. It was a gift from Pam C in Australia!! I loved it so much so I used it for the front of the bag, I had to add some SRE to it, another part of the challenge!! The lining and back are a recycled pink linen dress!

Next you will see the pin roll and needle case that were made to go inside. I picked a pink print from my stash and used it plus more pink linen to do the matching items to tuck inside.

 Here is a cute little name tag/bag! I know the cross stitch is nothing wonderful, not a craft I feel comfortable with! I did the best I could, then added a ladybug button to remind me of my mom.

The last piece was a scissor holder! I have never owned one, made and gave away one!! LOL I was excited to get this one done for me!! I did some embroidery on the front and then added some lace to the back. This has been so good for me!!

The last picture is the bag with all of my goodies sticking out. I plan to use some more of my UFO blocks to make some more bags, love this idea. I also plan to start a quilt with the CQ hearts I have been collecting for years. I never had a good idea, then I saw someone applique her's onto a whole cloth or blocks, can't remember, so I am going to dig them out and give it a whirl! Who knows how it will turn out. Off to cut out a turtle pincushion that is another challenge from Kathy Shaw's blog!! Something fun to do while the Super Bowl is on!!


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