Monday, February 16, 2009

Apron Ribbon embroidery and more

I guess you can see I have been busy. The ribbon above is velvet and these pieces will be used in a motif swap that I am in. I have also made knitted flowers (pictures coming) and yo-yos from satin brocade w/buttons in the middle. I can't wait to see what I get back!! The apron at left I made in a class last week and I love it. Two pansy prints (do I love pansies???) and then the bias is a stripe, I wouldn't have done this in a million years but the girls at the quilt shop thought it was great and I did too once I got it together. These will make great Christmas and birthday gifts so I am thinking ahead!! Finally a call last night from darling daughter who is lost in Fort Leonard MO. She is doing well, but doesn't graduate until end of July. Sounds so far away!! Weight is down 28#!!!! Just one month so far.


  1. I love you ribbons. What size of velvet ribbon you use? Great work. I am in this swap too. May be I will get one.

  2. I have used many different sizes, I will not attempt anythiny smaller than 1/2" though!! I used larger for some I made for Judyth!! Thanks Ira.


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