Monday, February 9, 2009


Things have been busy here!! Like everywhere else. The grandpuppy flew in on Tues night. He is doing well here and settling in. Braxton is his name, he is chuahua (?) mix and all of 6#. and outweighed by the cats by at least 10#!!! Who should be ruling my roost!I am glad but my cats are so angry!! I went to sewing class on Thurs night and made the cutest apron w/pansy fabric. Pictures when I get the last binding on!! I also spent time Sat afternoon w/good friends Jane and Jean (yes it is confusing!!) and we made a Dinky Doll. Pictures tomorrow!! She is really sweet and I worked w/different fabric, using craft velour, never worked with it before. I loved it. Darling baby girl is in boot camp so no word from her since Thurs PM, not expecting it for several weeks but a mom can hope. Weight loss is 26#. Clothes and shoes are getting too big already!!

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