Saturday, March 21, 2009

California Dreaming

Title shows my age, I know!! We left Sun City yesterday (Fri) and drove to Costa Mesa/Newport Beach CA. We even brought Braxton who behaved in the car pretty well, he liked it best to be held by me as I drove across AZ/CA at 80 MPH. Lucky me!! This AM we were out early to attend a show at Paris to the Moon w/ AMAZING!!! I was so overloaded that I couldn't think. I got to meet Nicol Sayre, buy one of her dolls and got her autograph!!! (Jumping up and down here!!!!) Will post pictures tomorrow!! Then we were off to Piecemakers, the coolest crafting store. I got some great buys, another doll (don't tell hubby!!) We even had lunch there, wonderful food!! After all this fun what could top it you ask......the BEACH!! We of course leave sunny hot AZ and today is cloudy, gray and cool.......our luck but to the beach anyway! ! Barefoot I hit the beach and water, even Braxton gets into it!! Hubby says he has wanted to go there all his life.... we are all so thrilled!!! This computer is on my nerves so I will add pics tomorrow when I am home. time for some rest it has been a big day!!

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful. Great job.
    Enjoy your trip home.



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