Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here is darling daughter's picture from boot camp. I am not sure if she looks scared to death or this is supposed to be her "mean" face!! She is in her last 2 weeks of camp and then goes into AIT (schooling) She qualified last week w/her rifle and passed her physical test. This week she was learning to throw grenades. Something a mother does not want to know!!
Now the fun stuff!! We went to Glendale (AZ) to a small gathering for a Paris day. They have a buch of lovely small stores plus they had some out on the lawn vendors. Don't miss the great Tea Shop, strawberry salad is to die for!! I picked up some vintage linens, a yellow vintage metal can, a lovely bird made from paper, plus tje new MARIE publication by Stampington. It is great, I spent a long time going through it and will go back through it again. I also got their new LIFE magazine. I am in the process of making an egg from lace. It is drying right now so I can work on it more late. Will share pics tomorrow.


  1. Karen, I am proud of your daughter. Thank you for being her mom.

    The Paris day sounds delightful. There's a tea shop in Fayetteville "McDuff's" that serves a strawberry salad. It is delicious. I could almost give up chocolate! lol


  2. Thank you Ruby!! You are too kind. I could almost give up Chocolate from strawberries. But the best of all worlds is strawberries dipped in chocolate!! Karen


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