Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Fri Morning

Odd for me to be posting so early in the day but I am off to a good start and have a great afternoon planned. Finally have pictures of the memo board I made from the antique picture frame that held my grandfather and his twin sister's baby photo. I have added pin/gold brocade fabric from a thrift store jacket that was too small but gorgeous. I have pinned on a few of my favorite things to make me smile and hung a doll that was from a swap several years ago on the bottom. I am also including a photo today of a WIP (work in progress), a vintage purse that I am recyling. It has been in my thoughts for sometime, waiting for an inspiration, it came in the new Haute Handbags by Stampington. I was so excited that I went in and started to slap things on it, now I am at the stage where I need to make more roses and find more goodies to add to it. I am not sure what I will do with the handles but I think they have to go..... I have covered this paper machie cone w/paint (white and pink) then added pink laces, gift from a dear friend on the CQ4N list Ruby (thanks so much), plus a little glitter and an earring that I picked up yesterday at an estate sale. I love the way it turned out. I still want to add a tassel at the bottom and maybe a row of trim around the top and ? handle. When is it ever enough?

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  1. Karen, the cone looks really grand! Glad you found a use for the lace!


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