Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here is the beautiful hydrangea I bought on Thurs. I am so glad I took this as the heat wilted this real bad on Fri, I just can't keep up w/the flowers here.
Since I am up at the crack of dawn, too bad it is not Easter!! I dececided to share this amazing YouTube that I found on Stephanie Lee's blog. It is so perfect and well worth viewing. (maybe over and over)

Today we have rain, a great thing since we haven't had rain here in 52 days, but a not so nice thing when we are scheduled to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens to see Chihuly: The Nature of Glass exhibit. I was so looking forward to going and taking some really special pictures. I will hope that the rain stops and the sun comes out before noon. The pictures I have seen of the exhibit are wonderous!! I need to get the camera and work the raindrops..a new experience for me. Today's list is long of things I would like to get done, the hours will fly and I will have accomplished only part of it!! There is always tomorrow. On any other day it would be a great day to snuggle in with a book!!

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