Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

A busy weekend here so I didn't get to post like I planned!! Sat afternoon the rain held and we spent 2 glorious hours at the Botanical Gardens. I took pictures until the battery was dead!! Such beauty both the glass and the plants!! It was definiately overload for the senses! A couple of the better pictures.
Sunday the phone woke me early as DD had a pass at boot camp and called at 7:15, forgetting the time difference but who cares!! We got to talk 3 times and I was thrilled, she will have phone privileges every day the end of this week and boot camp is over on Wed, after a 15 mile march today!! Thank God she has gotten this far. Then off to church and lunch out. At home I worked on the dreaded house work and some fun things. Both projects were inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts book Taking Flight. I am sure to have that book worn out soon. Both need to be completed. My book needs wings, picture of my dad there, wasn't he cute. The mirror has a honeymoon picture in it and needs some finishing touches. I was so glad to find something to do with the mirror, as it was lovely but the mirror was gone when I got it. Today I may get these projects completed while the laundry gets done!

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