Sunday, April 5, 2009

SW Flowers

It seems I am traveling a new direction in my artwork. I am taking many photos of things that I normally wouldn't. I have spent the last couple days looking at flowers and taking some pictures. I have some that are beautiful but my friend Agnes has the best flowers!! They don't look real they are so beautiful.
I adore pansies so here is one of my pansy, this poor thing gets nibbled on by Max the cat (of previous posts). Then I thought you might enjoy one or two of Agnes's beauties. I had never seen a brown Iris before so this one is new to me. Tomorrow I will share photos of flowers on the cactus!! I have lived here three years and only this year am I truely enjoying the spring flowers. I have been missing spring in Ohio and my flowers there instead of appreciating what I have around me. Time to wake up and enjoy!! I am trying to live in the here and now and not be caught up in the things that I am missing in other places in the world. My world is in AZ and what a beautiful piece of the country it is.

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