Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a day!! Is it over yet???

Been up since 3:30 AM w/DH who has pertonitis related to dialysis, so he feels really rough. I am exhausted since I had to take stuff to the dialysis center for him and then started to clean his bed and bath (his job but he wasn't doing it...LOL) Then my bed had to be changed as Sophie the cat decided to cough up a fur ball on it...yes a great day!! You can imagine no art work for me today but I just grabbed a couple pics to share. First is the "art" I completed a beautiful teal baby sweater, no one is expecting just wanted to do something different. Then there is the tank top I made 2 weeks ago in a class, it fits now!! Last but not art is our new cat: Chanel, She is a senior foster cat from the local rescue. She had been fostered out to an elderly lady who had to return her due to moving into an assisted living apartment who wanted to charge her $1000/to have Chanel. She is 10 yrs old and the most beautiful silver colored tabby.I have never seen one before, have you??. She matches the other cats all are gray/white or white!! How funny is that? The dog of course doesn't fit the color scheme...such nonsense!! She is not too happy yet and is hiding in my bedroom in a corner so her picture is lousy. I hope she will feel safer and come out tomorrow.

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