Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deal of the week!

I had to go to Scottsdale today for an appointment and decided it was time to check out the Frenzy ( Stamper. Wow what a place and painted in one of my favorite colors: Purple. After finding some great stuff I went next door to a cigar shop (no don't know the name, wish I did) to see if they sold wooden cigar boxes. They did for a $1.00/ea donation to charity!!! Yes, I got three different shaped ones and was so excited. I haven't gotten pictures yet but I do have 2 of flowers in the front of the condo, one being my new rose bush and lastly a bird nest that was waiting for me in the yard when I got home from my trip to Ohio. Ohio was a wonderful time, a little cool for this sun lover but I had plenty of family time and that was the best!!


  1. You know I love the frenzy Stamper Debbie carries the BEST stuff Hugs Julie

  2. Thanks Julie for sending me there!!!

  3. lovely photos I love purple as well..Hope your husband gets better soon. Those cigar boxes were a bargain..I havent found anywhere over here that sells them yet reasonably. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It must be lovely living in Arizona with the nice weather..we are having a lot of rain here lately but at least its good for my vegetables that are growing


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