Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tucson AZ

Yesterday after a fun shopping trip to AZ Art Supply for the sale Braxton and I took off to see DH in Tucson. He is at the VA center for low vision getting help dealing with his blindness. We have not been apart this long in our lives together so it was great to get together for the weekend. Some more nature photos from the motel grounds this AM. Seems I am adding more nature than art lately but I am working on three projects that I can't share until after the contests in July. I am really excited about them, enjoying the work. I have found that working outside the box is not as hard as I had imagined it would be and am thrilled with how easily that piece is coming along. I have no hopes of winning any of these contests but like to abide by the rules, at least some of the time. Going home to night and I can't wait, taking pictures of my new finds from last week to share.


  1. I Missed the art supply sale, was is it good? I am back in New Mexico for a while it is so cool here!!!

  2. Julie,
    Enjoy your time away from the heat!! The sale was so-so, not everything was on sale just things that were not good sellers. Sale continues until they move they said. Terri and I were there early!! Got some H2Os to try and some beautiful papers so I was happy!!


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