Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New treasures

Here are a few treasures that I hauled back from OH. I was at the flea market and visited the neighborhood trash/treasure site w/good friend Louise. The sweet little bust was once white and I gave her a coat of pink paint. I hope to paint the outside of the suitcase and line it with new fabric, will see if I can handle that!! The baby shoes will be used in my crafting and the little metal candy dish will get a coat of paint too!! I also threw in a picture of the $1 cigar boxes. The top for one is almost done. I want to get back there and buy more but am thinking I will check out a closer one, an hour drive makes them not worth the price...I am working on the condo and it is winning, wanted to get some painting done but had to stop to rearrange the bedroom and put the metal bed up before dh comes home this weekend. Glad to have the heavy wood bedroom set gone!! For some reason I want all dark colored "things" out of my life right now, furniture, wall paint etc. I have not updated my weight loss in a long time, 58# today......Yes!! It feels like a huge miracle and I am glad it is happening!!


  1. Karen,Congrats on the 58### You go girl!! Hope you post the fun stuff you make with your goodies. I am basking in cool weather here in Santa fe . I am sure it is still hot a as blazes there. hugs Julie

  2. Karen,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! You asked about my church.. it's called Open Door Fellowship on the corner of 19th Ave/ Butler. I've been there since the early 90's and love it so much. It truly is my family. We'd love to have you so if you decide to come visit, e-mail me. We serviced on Sundays at 8:00, 9:45, and 11:30. You can also listen to messages online at:


Glad you stopped by! Talk to me!!