Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bargains and Transfers

First the fun: shopping at Goodwill this AM for pants but instead I got bargains!! I got a beautiful ivory satin and lace wedding dress for $7.50!! They thought it was stained and someone had dragged it around the store so the hem was dirty! After an easy bath in the washer it is stain free and so beautiful!! I also found an adorable little pink purse and some cute ornaments, yes everything is full of glitter and shine, what can I say!!! This afternoon I decided to experiment with transfers from paper to fabric using Golden Medium. I did some direct magazine picture prints and then used the clear shelf liner to transfer some old pictures. The magazine pictures were so easy and a great success. Only one of the pictures "worked". I guess I need to experiment further!! Maybe I will try the picture with out the shelf liner and see what happens!! Since I have such a large amount of ivory satin I may try to do some shaving cream painting on fabric, sounds like tomorrows project!


  1. Oh Silke , I want to try the transfers!!! Lorrie ( sister) is coming in this weekend to "play". Did your ears ring the other day when Lorrie and I talked about how much we adore your post!!! hugs Julie

  2. Karen, I love the Golden Medium transfer method myself for altered art pieces especially. I do them on fimo too. It also makes a fantastic forever hold tight glue! The black and white picture of the child you did should not be wasted. Use it on top of an Altoid tin and surround with embellishments that are vintage looking. You will be pleased I bet.

    I would be interested in knowing more about the shaving cream painting on fabric. Please

    I also wash in the washing machine everything, everything!, I get at the thrift stores. It doesn't matter if it shrinks, does it because we are going to CQ with it anyway, right? I do wools, silks, satins, linen, rayon, brocade, etc. If it water spots then it is equal or adds 'interest'. LOL.

    Good day you had and great finds.

  3. Oh my goodness. You put that dress in the washer? Had I tried that it would have come out in shreds!!! LOL
    Happy Creating!!

  4. Thanks Julie! You are so sweet!!

  5. Sandi,
    All my Thrift store finds get washed, silk, wool and anything else!!


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