Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When all else fails: SEW

Today has been one of those days. I spent most of it organizing my spare room, which is the office and the storage for Etsy. Of course the truth is I needed something and couldn't find it so the cleaning began!! Check out my Etsy site for craft books that I listed yesterday, need to make some room here!!! LOL I found a piece of fabric that was in with the pile to sell on Etsy and couldn't figure out why I had put it in there, I really liked it. I pulled it out to save and the more I looked at it I think it spoke to me. A skirt would be easy and fun so off I went. Just something simple w/elastic at the waist. Lots easier and cheaper than going shopping!! I am real happy with how it turned out, less than an hour and it was done. Here is a picture of the fabric. I found 2 more pieces that could make cute skirts so I guess the sewing machine and I will be together this week!!


  1. I have pile of sewing to do mainly hemming. My sister comes in to "play "this weekend we are getting the machine out to do art quilts. She is wonderful with needle and tread it is her art form of choice!

  2. I have a whole pile of sewing to do mainly hemming. My sister comes in this weekend . We are planning ot play with art quilts . She is a wonder with needle and thread her art form of choice. Since I love to wear light weight elastic skirts in the summers. I to should consider whipping some up .


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