Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giraffe CQ

Here is a picture of the Giraffe Crazy quilt wall hanging that I am making for Eliana who will be 5 yo in July. She was here in AZ when she was 2 and we went to see the animals and that is all she remembers of the trip is Peapaw feeding the giraffes!! I hope she likes this. I have to add the backing, which is ready to go and then it is off to Ohio. I should get this done tomorrow. I have also started a CQ bracelet, as seen in the Se Somerset, pg 12 by Pat Winter. The woman's CQ rocks!! I have her book and some of her work...yes I love her work!! I also started another art quilt background from a beautiful piece of home dec fabric a freebie from fellow Doll Club pal Debbie. Unsure what picture will end up on that one, will share when it is done.

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  1. If sweet little Eliane doen't like it you can give it to me!! Is Pea paw Grandpa? I cherish to this day everything my grandma wever made me .She will love it.


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