Friday, June 19, 2009

Pretty Pink Dish

Yesterday was $1 day at Goodwill and I needed to run away for a minute or two....I found this gorgeous dish, a wooden cheese box, and some crochet threads!! I have a few shadows in my pic as Max (see his paw on the left side) thought he should help me out. On Wed my dear friend Kalli's uncle passed away, so life continues to be alittle busy. Funeral is not until Tues when I will be in MO w/DD so I am alittle sad by that, I had wanted to be here. I can't give up my time w/Lacy, as I have waited what seems like forever.


  1. Looks like a beautiful dish, I love discovering treasures a thrift stores. Sorry about the sad news for your friend. Take care.

  2. Today I went to the antique store and bought a primitive box made from vintage cheese boxes about 10 of them. They had been turned into drawers and box made for them so they could pull out they all have little wooden knobs and it was %40 off!!! Score!!! It is so cute!!! And will be great for storing small mixed media stuff in. I thought of it when you said you got an old cheese box tooo, they are so cute.


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