Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally can share

These two pieces I have been working on and hinting at for sometime but since they were part of a challenge that just ended on CQ for Newbies I couldn't post. The challenge was to make one CQ block that was your usual style and colors and the other block was to be outside of the box. My comfortable block was done in pinks with some seam work, nothing special. The outside the box block was done in blues, had a print in the center, I handpainted a heart on it, used beads---totally different. The blue block is now the lid of a cigar box, I still need to line the inside of the box. I had a blast doing this and plan to do more in the future where I push myself more and put more work into each block. Mine had been looking pretty boring and naked. I finished the wedding pillow that I showed a while back, stay tuned for pictures tomorrow. I also did some fabric dyeing with markers and alcohol, what an easy and fun way to get some color on things. I experimented w/aida cloth, rayon seam binding, lace and an unknown fiber content fabric. All of them turned out great and will inspire me to do more of this. So nice to find something that can dye fabric that can be bought locally at even the dollar stores!! Will share pictures of the dyed fabrics tomorrow.


  1. I like your blue block. It is fun to do something new and have it turn out. I try and work outside of my box, sometimes it is so hard to push myself but so satisfying once I've done so. Good job!!

  2. Wow, that blue block is so beautiful!! Going outside your comfort zone really paid off, it's amazing :)


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