Friday, July 17, 2009

Project completed

Another fun project completed!! I used a tutorial from Dawn at to make this! Mine is slightly different than hers. I kind of went with what was laying around me on the table. The best part was getting to use the real bird nest that I had found in the yard some time ago and saved!! Isn't it sweet?? Update on the weight loss which I haven't done in awhile:73#!! If you had told me this in Jan I would have thought you were crazy!! I have to have eyelid surgery the 29th, because they have drooped so much they are blocking my vision!! LOL Who knew your eyelids get fat too??


  1. What lovely work Karen. I'm just returning your visit to my Blog and I love what I found here. I am curious to see what you did with the little boot from an earlier post. Did you manage to complete it? best wishes Kath in England

  2. Oh Karen...your assemblage turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that you used what you had around you ~ that's the beauty of creating isn't it? ~ Just gorgeous! Congratulations on the weight loss...please tell me what you are doing ~ I need to lose some so bad! Thank you for showing me your beautiful artwork, xxoo, Dawn


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