Friday, July 3, 2009

Head Removal

I thought that would get ya!! I bought 2 angels at Micheals with beautiful faces and wanted just the heads. What is a crazy woman to do....take the dremel and off with their heads!! One is off and another doll who needs a head removal is starte. A job to finish tomorrow. Will share pictures when they are done. I finished the crazy quilt bangle bracelet. it turned out nice, I think I want to "line" the inside to make it look neater. Lacy's quilt is moving along nicely, will share over the weekend. I even dug out a pillow top done in CQ in whites and ivories w/a picture of us on our wedding day that I started long ago, time to finish it! I hit the mother lode at the local thrift yesterday, a scrabble game for 50 cents (love those tile), knitting needles 50 cents, fabric 25 cents, styrofoam 50 cents, and lots more. Tomorrow I am off to Goodwill hoping to score some bird fabric I had my hand on yesteray, we will see if it happens.

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