Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here is some of the stitchin' I have talked about the Christmas stocking is a WIP. I have embroidered the Santa (No it isn't finished yet!!) to use on the other side of the stocking. The theme was Santa Claus so I thouht this would be a good idea for the other side. I am thinking of doing it in the Santa fabric that you can see alittle bit of on the front and then centering the embroidery. The other piece is Suzie's alien landscape and believe me it is way outside the box for me!! I gathered some "hills" on the right side for some texture. The trim is to simulate rocks around the edge of the water. As you can see I have started to add some aliens, they are not finished yet. There is other vegetation going on and I have more "rock" ideas. I really hope that Suzie likes this......The other embroideries are items I found on the web and also some long/short stitches that I practiced. Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Great Christmas stocking and how wonderful that you are getting it done early. Thanks for the tidbit re: the ebay seller on the previous post I'll check her out.

  2. hey girl, how's everything? I have to fill a swap bag, then I'm packing stuff away. It's going to sneak up fast!


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