Friday, October 9, 2009

100th Post and there is a GiveAway!!

Can you believe 100 posts? I can't. My blog is less than a year old, so I am kinda new to this but I love it! I love thinking up new things to share and even more I love reading othe blogs and getting great ideas from them. I love sharing my little finds and some of the things that I make. I try to keep it light here and not add too much personal crap, we all have enough of that don't we? Today I want to share last weekends flea market finds. The first one is a small "train case" we used to call them (dating myself aren't I) My hope for this is to tear out the inside (it is a mess and smells !) and add fresh fabric and then give it a coat of white paint. Cost $1
The two pictures are good size pictures I got for our future home here in SC. They were $15 for the pair, I love the pictures and the frames are in good shape. Not sure if I am changing the frame color or leaving them as is. These chidren just speak to my heart!! Last but by far the best a wood child's rocker $9!! It is real sturdy and even buying paint to paint it white it is a steal!! It will be beautiful on DD's porch. I have threatened to paint it pink so I could take it with me when I move out!! Pink is not baby girl's color but it sure is mine!!

Of course there is the give away! Please leave me a comment on this post for a chance to enter the give away. If you become a follower you get your name in the drawing twice! Add my give away to your blog and get another chance to win!! Spread the word, I would love to have more followers! Thanks to all of you who read my blog!!


  1. Hi Karen...I know the first one never wins but what the heck I just wanted to let you know that I am not a new member to your blog. You do beautiful worker and I have been a follower for awhile....Love the pcis also and the chair. I have one also but it is darker wood. I will post a link to your blog on mine and wish you many many more newcomers. They will be glad they found you...


  2. Hi Karen,
    Love the chair. I would like to see it stained then hand rubbed. Need to get one for Granddaughter, it is so cute.

  3. Hi Karen! Congratulations on 100 posts! Please put me down for your giveaway. I have just become a follower as well!

    Love your thrift store finds - I love this kind of shopping!

  4. I've been a follower for awhile. You found some great stuff at the flea market! That little rocker is wonderful, and I like the pictures too!

  5. Hey Karen, I visit your blog quite often and love it. 100 posts ain't nutin to laugh about.hehehe Great job. I love your back grounds and well, everything about it. I'm followin you now and if I knew how I'd link to you on my blog. At least I can give it a mention. Good luck. Hugs, Eileene

  6. Congratulations on 100 posts!!!

    I love everything you found!!!


  7. Hi Karen. Your blog is great. Congratulations on your 100 posts. Keep it up!


  8. I am a 'pink' person as well. I could do it all i
    n pink! Already follow you and love all the different types of stitching you 'teach' us about! Congrats on your 100th post!

    Susan, who is looking forward to more posts!

  9. Hi Karen, I came across your blog from our crazy quilting group, and love it! You're so talented, and of course I will follow and would love to win your give away! Also am putting a link on my blog.

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post! I have one of those old cases, used to be my grandmothers. My mom donated it to our church bazarre and I had to buy it back! LOL!

  11. Karen, You got a lot of great deals!! I can't wait to see that train case when it is finished. The chair will look great painted white, but I agree that it will look even better painted pink!

  12. Hi Karen, we are in stitchmap together!
    That is how I heard about your blog. It is a great blog. I will become a follower of yours, so that gives me two chances. :)

  13. Hi, I love your blog, anyone that does flea markets, garage sales, rummage and other recycling is a peep... I added you to my blogs following...

  14. Hi,
    Just learned of you on the CQI yahoo group. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    Looking forward to perusing your site.

  15. Well I am guilty of the personal stuff at times on my blog, at first I just did stitching, but since my life has been on hold I didn't wasn't my readers to wonder if there would ever be a post again. I prefer writing about stitching though..... I sit here guilty:(

    I love your finds, those are some great deals. I cant wait to see how the little travel case turns out. You got some great projects!!

    Please enter me into your contest:) I will post on my blog about it:)

    Ann Flowers

  16. Congratulations on your 100th post. I enjoyed reading through your blog and I'm going to add a link on mine to yours. I love rummaging through thrift store stuff - you just never know what treasures are hiding!
    All the best
    Diane in Ontario

  17. Hi, Karen. Put me in 3 times. I'm a follower, and you are on my blogsite.


  18. Congratulations on 100 posts, Karen!

  19. Love the little chair. Please enter me in your giftie drawing.

  20. Hey Karen! I'd like to be entered in the giveaway for the magazine. I've been looking at all your pics and getting caught up.

  21. Congratulations on 100 excellent posts! I love that you enjoy such a variety of crafts, using vibrant colors and an flair for originality.

  22. What a fabulous giveaway!! Please count me in :)


  23. Congrats on your first 100 posts. Love your giveaway. I am already a follower. I love your flea market finds. There really are no flea markets around here I am sad. to say. Thanks for visiting my blog. Sharon

  24. Well my first choice would have been the Train Case (age showing here as well). I love your CQing. A dear friend of mine was trying to teach me (long distance) and I think I did pretty well until it came to the embroidery. I have no experience here. I am a follower of yours now and perhaps I'll pick up the needle and embroidery thread and give it another try. Thanks for your give a way and congrats on 100 posts!

  25. Karen, finally got here. Wonderful giveaway. Love the blog. Love your pics. So glad I came over. I have several train cases I've painted and altered. One I store rubber stamps in. The others are just sitting looking pretty for the time being. Please enter me in your drawing. I would be proud to have any and all of the items. Thanks


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