Sunday, October 11, 2009

Give Away Drawing Next Saturday!

Today the weather is cool and dreary, not raining but
it appears like it could. This is a shawl that I am knitting for myself. Doesn't lool like much yet, the yarn is yummy black with my favorite colors:bright pink, purple, yellow, green! Of course the bonus is the price $1.50/skein at Big Lots!! At Walmart today I noticed that the canning jars are on clearance, great for storage in our wonderful sewing studios/craft rooms! You can't beat $6 for a dozen jars, sure you can can with them if ya want!
I realized that I did not set a day for the drawing for the give away, decided next Sat seemed like a nice time. I have also not shown you the drawing goodies either, shame on me!! There will be pictures tomorrow! I can tell you there is a new magazine, some beautiful fabrics and more!
Hoping you all had a great weekend!

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  1. You are sure coming along great with the Shawl. I will keep a eye out to see the finished piece on your site!! Nice buy on the jars at walmart they are great for storing things.

    looking forward to the drawing:)
    Ann Flowers


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