Monday, October 12, 2009

Give Away Gifties!

First today let me share with you the give away prizes. Here is the magazine, sorry I cut the top off!! Studios: Cloth Paper Scissors! This is the new fall issue and you will love it! I am also including some of the fabrics to the right! Oriental satin brocades, luscious colors!

Right you will see the Christmas Stocking that I have made for a swap on Lyn's blog, Quilting Lion. I hope the lady that receives it will like it. Now I am starting a Victorian Boot for a swap on Crazy Quilt 4Newbies Yahoo Group. We have such a blast on this list and all of the the ladies are great stitchers and so generous! I will share that boot when it gets going. I cut out the pattern tonight and will start to piece it while I watch TV. It is due the end of Nov but I have time, although I want to have as much done as possible before I leave for AZ to pack up the condo. I plan to be gone 1-2 weeks so I need to be prepared in the sewing dept before I leave. Not taking anything with me as there is plenty to work on there, plus all the sorting and packing to do! Anyone with free time I will feed you and give you a bed if ya wanna help, plus the weather will be grand this time of year!! Have a good one!


  1. Well, I've been telling myself I need to enter your giveaway. Wish I could come help but have to work. Few leave days left for this year. I love the stocking. Hope I haven't made mine too small. What size is yours. Mine is closer to eight inches tall. :)

  2. Karen the prize's are wonderful and I love the stocking.... A lucky person will love getting it..

  3. EXACTLY where in AZ will you be? We return there the end of the week for most of the winter. We're in north Central Phx.
    Love all those luscious fabrics & the stocking will be well received I am sure!

  4. Unfortunately I didn't get to view your giveaway goodies as my internet is too slow today, but congrats!! Arizona daughter was there once...long story and seems like a lifetime ago. :)

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog Karen. I really appreciate them!

  5. The stocking is GEORGEOUS! She will LOVE it, but, if she doesn't, I have a home waiting for it. Karen - you do such lovely work!


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