Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jenny's fall block

This block is Jenny's from the fall block swap!

Isn't it beautiful? The color is much better in

person! I can't wait to get to work on this one!

The ideas are churning ! We have been blessed with such a gorgeous day today afte 2.5" of rain yesterday! I thought I was going to have to look for an Ark! Today is warm and sunny, perfect fall weather! Two weeks and DD will return from Eygpt, can't believe that I miss her as much as I do. Here she is leaving for Eygpt, coffee in hand!!


  1. Karen, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog....tried to email you at that address...and it came back. What to do?

    Also, I know you miss your daughter...but aren't you proud of her!!! She'll be back soon.

    Mine went to Florida for five days and I thought she'd never get back to town!!! take care, pat

  2. That is exciting that your daughter is coming home so soon, I'm sure you are counting the days.

  3. Wonderful block please post a pic when it is finished. i am so glad your daughter is returning home. I know that you have missed her terribly, it will be a good day. Hugs

  4. Karen, What a beautiful block!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I know you are so excited to have your daughter home:) I used to date a boy from Lexington a long time ago. I grew up in Columbia:) Love, Jamie

  5. Hi Karen, Thanks for looking at and commenting on my blog. I just looked at yours and love the colorful block, too, plus all of you treasures. Your daughters return will be wonderful and think of all the stories she will have to share. ;-)) Yvonne

  6. Hi! This is the first time to stop by. Got the address from art 4 mail. Love the block but the quote brought a smile to my face that is much needed to start the day! Thanks, Donna J

  7. loving all this quilting you're doing! Glad DD is coming home soon- is she having fun? I'll be interested to hear what she missed the most!

  8. Hey my little Bonita Chica.. I'm trying to catch up on my blogs.. I'm thrilled your lovely daughter will be returning home soon.

    I hope the hubs is doing well, and know that not a night goes by that I don't send up prayers for him.

    I'm glad my MIL's block is in your hands.. I know she will love everything you do on it.

    Later little one..


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